The Search For the Best Cat Collar – A Review

Let’s face it purchasing a collar for your cat is not rocket science. if you regularly purchase pet accessories on the Internet, you may have a particular site that you like or if you are like me you will just “Google” “cat collar” and see what sites come back in the top 10 results and choose from them. The Internet provides us a place to shop without having to go outside of our homes, sometimes at a cost.

A couple of downsides about shopping on the web is that you can’t actually see what you bought until after you have purchased it, sometimes the return policy is a hassle. Most times the shipping and handling is not refundable and you will have to spend your own money to send it back. and then all of the information you have to provide for billing can be tedious. For the person who is looking to purchase a collar for their feline and does not shop on the Internet on a regular basis, I would like to provide a short review of the top three sites for the search term: cat collar.

Site Number One: A functional pet accessory site. There is a link for designer cat collars. They have a basic selection of designs. Most are made of nylon material. My cats would tear up these collars within a month. The prices are reasonable between $10-$15.
Return Policy: 14 day return policy. Shipping and handling is non refundable.
Payment Method: Credit Card/PayPal.

Site Number Two: This site is dedicated solely to collars for cats and it has some nice fancy cat collars. The prices are reasonable ($3.99-$15). I found some of the collars to be very nice and original.
A Plus: 100% satisfaction guarantee. Free shipping if your purchase is over $20.
Return Policy: 30 day money back guarantee.
Payment Method: Credit/Debit Card/PayPal

Site Number Three: This site is for cat and dog collars. The link for cat collars is at the very top of the navigation bar. Their selection is mostly nylon collars between $12-$15.
Return Policy: 10 day exchange or return-less shipping and handling.
Payment Method: Credit Card/PayPal

All of the sites have a page where you must supply billing and shipping information. If you have some sort of form filling software such as Roboform on your computer than than these pages do not pose a problem. Most browsers have a toolbar which helps fill out forms and if you shop online enough your browser will begin to automatically save information you type into some of the forms.

I hope I have provided you with some basic information of what to look for if ever you are in the market for purchasing a cat collar on the Internet. There is a benefit of someone doing the research for you before you shop.

Willing to Adopt a Cat? Here Are Some Guidelines

All your life you have wanted a cat, but your parents would not let you have one. You finally got your own place and you are decided to make your dream come true. But have you ever though where is best to take your cat from and what are the things you should ask before actually deciding to adopt one or another cat? If you did not, here are some tips which may help you.

1. Where to take the cat from?

Many people who want a cat, or a pet in general, go straight to the pet shop and buy an animal from there. Most of the times they just choose the one which looks nicer. If you claim that you are a person who loves animals, then you should know that pet shops are the last places you can go. Instead, you should adopt one of those hundreds, maybe thousands of cats form a humane society.

If you pay a visit to one of these shelters you will see how many cats and kittens need a home where to live their lives in peace and harmony. So, if you do not want to let pet shop owners get rich on the back of the poor cats, you should go and choose on from the humane society. They are as beautiful and understanding as the ones you see at the pet shop, maybe even more docile and caring.

2. Do you have children?

This is quite an important thing to consider, as some kitties can be aggressive and you do not want your child to be scratched by the cat. If you have children, it is recommendable to adopt a cat, not a kitten, because kitties like to play and are very energetic. They may want to exhaust their energy by playing with your children and leave them some marks on their bodies. In contrast with little kittens, adult cats are more friendly, caring and have passed the age when they had excessive energy, thus you can safely keep them around children.

3. Do you have other animals in your house?

If you do, you should ask people from the shelter how the cat is acting when in presence of other animals. It is best to know her reaction beforehand, then to have a surprise when you two get home.

4. Is the cat healthy?

Always inquire about a pet’s health before you adopt it. You should be sure that your cat is healthy and it has all the vaccines done, before you take her to your house. This is even more necessary when you have children.

Now you know the most important things you should take into consideration when adopting or buying a cat. It is up to you to choose a companion which will be nice and friendly with you and your family.

Fleas are a problem for most pet owners and knowing how to deal with flea bites [] on humans and how to kill fleas [] is an important part of pet ownership, Brandy has written extensively on this and other topics for more than 8 years.

Cat Back Exhausts For Your Bimmer

BMW owners who are seeking more power from their rides often turn to aftermarket parts to help them achieve their goals. Cat back exhaust systems (parts added in back of or behind the catalytic converter) are one method for doing just that, offering several important benefits along with more power. Let’s take a look at how a cat-back exhaust can enhance your 3-Series, 5-Series or other Bimmer vehicle.

How A Cat Back Exhaust System Works

Before choosing a cat back exhaust you need to understand exactly what you’re buying. Catbacks feature large width exhaust pipes and low restriction performance mufflers which help to lower exhaust back pressure. They are better suited for your engine as they allow it to pump air freely with less interruption. In other words, more power is unloosed which means that horsepower will also increase. In addition, because your engine works more efficiently you may see a slight, but noticeable improvement in fuel economy.

There are a number of quality cat back manufacturers who supply parts for BMW, Audi, Mercedes and other high end European brands. Borla, for example, is considered to be the industry leader and therefore the trend setter when it comes to the manufacturer and design of cat back systems.

Airliner Quality Stainless Steel

Top of the line cat back systems are made from the same grade of stainless steel used to build airliners, which means that these parts can stand the test of time and all sorts of adverse conditions. Indeed, the advantage of choosing a cat back system extends beyond more power, improved fuel mileage and even its throaty note – with a lifetime or million mile guarantee, you’ll more than likely never need to purchase an exhaust system again. Yes, you’ll pay more for a cat back system, but you get more out of it over the long term. Besides, when it comes time to sell your car, buyers will pay a premium with one that is cat-back equipped.

When shopping for the system, you’ll want to buy from a supplier who specializes in these types of systems. Some new car dealers stock these parts while buyers have had success shopping at their local auto parts store. The internet has allowed many stores to set up shop online while some manufacturers will sell their parts directly to the customer.

Shop Online For Quality Car Parts

Concerning online shopping, always know from whom you are buying your parts, shop only on a secured website, and deal with a company who offers customer service through a toll free number, online chat or contact form. Lots of offshore stores have popped up in recent years – good luck with getting the help that you need! Lastly, familiarize yourself with product and company return policies as well as guarantees.

A cat back exhaust system could be the best investment you make for your BMW, yielding more power, better fuel economy and an enjoyable note for your ride.

Glass Cat Figurines

Glass cat figurines can range from ordinary glass that is very inexpensive but will delight the person to whom you give the figure to more expensive crystal cat figurines. Cut glass can look a lot like crystal, but it does not have the same amount of lead in the glass. When you are buying figurines, make sure that you know the difference between crystal and glass.

If you are buying online, you can get them in different colors and styles. They can be short cats or elongated cats in multitudes of colors. If you know someone who likes cats, this can be a great gift. You do not have to spend a lot of money. You can spend somewhere around a dollar or so for an ordinary glass cat figure to a few hundred dollars for a Baccarat or a Lalique glass cat figure. The difference is between the glass. Baccarat and Lalique are crystal and other glass is merely cut glass.

The fact that the figurines are not expensive will not make them less prized among those who collect them. Those who collect these will like just about any type of cat figure that you can get them. You can get them whimsical colored glass cat figurines that they will enjoy having.. These are nice novelties.

Some glass cat figurines are heavy and almost feel as though they are crystal. They are usually not diamond cut like versions which tend to have sharp edges. They may just be very solid and heavy glass. Or, on the other hand, they can be very light weight glass. There is so much from which to choose when shopping online.

Make the distinction between glass cat figurines and glass cat statues. Cat statues are generally large – larger than a foot high. Figurines are usually less than a foot high and are often kept in a curio cabinet to protect them from dust and breakage.

Glass cat figurines can be a gift that just about anyone who collects cats will like and can be found at a variety of outlets. You can find them in shops around your town, jewelry shops and even discount stores. But no where else will you get a better price for glass cat figurines than online. It just seems that you can get the best deals when it comes to shopping online than if you go to a retail shop.,

When looking for used glass figurines, make sure that there are no chips or marks on the item or else it greatly diminishes its worth.

Cat Toys Can Make Your Cat Happy

Cats are naturally great hunters this is why they love to pounce or play with many different things. They love to search for things that are crawling or moving. When they see a moving object, they fix their eyes on it and it is going to pounce on it if it gets his attention. This is why many cat owners buy cat toys because they make their pets happy and prevent boredom.

You might notice that a cat naturally turns its eyes on a moving object or a thing that makes sound. And when the object is small, they will really try to pounce on it and play with it endlessly. But when you are buying cat toys, make sure that it is harmless and that it would not cause any injury to the pet.

Some cats may swallow the toy accidentally that is why you should make sure that it would not ruin or injure its digestive system in any way. And it should have sharp edges or harmful substances that may damage your cat’s stomach. Some pets even die of severe choking so these are some of the things you should avoid.

If you think that cat toys are expensive, well… think again. Besides, you do not need to buy the costly ones just to keep your cat entertained. You can buy a number of inexpensive toys to keep your cat interested and just rotate the sets from time to time so that your cat would not be bored. Another thing about cat toys is that it will prevent your cat from leaving the house so often.

If you provide them with things to play with, then they would not bother straying away. However, you should also talk them for a walk outside or let them play in the yard once in a while because they also need the sunshine and the fresh air. This will surely make your cats healthy and strong. Moreover, if they get plenty of exercise and if they never get bored, it certainly would not feel anxiety or stress.

There are many kinds of cat toys. Some of these are the lightweight balls, moving mouse figures, rubber balls and even stuffed animals. These are just some of the pet products you can purchase in pet shops and supermarkets. You can search the internet for a wide variety of toys, pet products, and many more. You can also explore or visit the nearest pet shop near you.

Shopping For a Cat Tower? Consider These Things When You Shop

Cats, like any pet, require love, attention and money. Food, vet visits and grooming supplies are essential, but so are toys and play areas for your feline friend. There are many toys out there that may entertain them, and when researching possible toys, be sure to include a cat tower on your list. Cat towers are versatile structures that can provide hours of entertainment, keeping you both happy.

When researching these products, there are a few things to consider. First of course is the type of cat you have. If you find your cat scaling countertops, sinks and shelves or hiding in boxes, bags or other small crevices, chances are, your cat would love one. A cat tower will give your pet the illusion and feeling they are climbing the walls and hiding from predators without involving any personal property which shouldn’t be played with. If you find your cat lounging in the sun near a window sill, they might like one as well. Cat towers are higher up off the ground, and if placed in front of a window, can provide pets with a sun-bathing area as well as something to play with if they happen to get the urge. Cats with scratching urges, both clawed and declawed, would also like one as it would give them a post to meet their scratching urges.

Second, look at the space you have available for a large piece of furniture like this. The great thing about cat towers is they come in all shapes and sizes for every living arrangement. If you have a smaller space, think about going tall and narrow. If you have ample space, you can spread out a little. Along with the space you have available, also think about the funds you have available to spend. Units can vary in price from under $50 to a couple hundred dollars. You will also want to consider the quality of materials used. Reading reviews of a specific company’s cat towers is a good place to start as well as asking fellow cat lovers where they purchased theirs. By asking friends, you may also be able to check out what an assembled unit looks like, which will give you a good idea of the quality.

Finally, when looking for a cat tower, make sure it fits in well with your already-established decor. Pet furniture is evolving with current décor trends, so chances are, you will be able to find one that does not stick out like a sore thumb in whichever room you choose to place it.

Investing in a cat tower is a good idea for both you and your cat, and taking into consideration the proper factors beforehand can help make the shopping experience more enjoyable and far less stressful.

How to Care For Your Cats

Cats make good pets,and their needs are few. Remember, your feline pet is part of your family, and should be treated as such. However, do not expect them to toe the party line. Cats are independent creatures. They like to come and go as they please, without let or hindrance!

Your Pet’s Basic Needs.

3)A comfortable place to sleep.
4)Toilet tray for starters.
5)Ideally, a cat flap.

Which Food?

The choice is between dry food or canned food. Dry food is convenient, cats seem to like the flavour and to be able to graze. Canned food is moist and the content more like what cats eat in the wild. A bit of both is recommended. Make sure fresh water is available to your pet at all times. READ the LABELS to ensure your cat is getting quality nutrition.

Cat’s Poos and Snooze

Your moggy will need a LITTER tray as initially it will have to be kept indoors. Pet shops have a range of litter, including one that is odour – free. Later, a cat- flap is recommended as it will save work for you. Cats need a COSY bed, though they may end up sleeping on your pillow.! A bed with a raised border keeps them warm and feeling safe. Pet SHOPS have a great variety for you to choose from.

Cat’s Health and Insurance

Your feline will be part of the family for many years. Ensuring proper nutrition will keep him healthy. He will have minor ailments, and perhaps major skirmishes with other cats! It is wise to have Pet Insurance in place. Shop around for the best deal in Pet Insurance. Your vet’s practice should be able to advise you

Your Pet Will Thank You For Its Cat Supplies

Cat Supplies come in many different shapes, sizes, and forms, ranging from toys to pouches of food to very elaborate and fancy looking Scratching Posts.

Different traders will not necessarily have on display similar stock so it is worth shopping around for what you need for your pet and buy what you feel would suit your newest member of the family. Kittens are like children and love to play so what do you do? You scour the market for suitable toys to keep the kittens mind active, but they have a tendency to soon get bored with these toys and find things that they want to play with.

There has been a noticeable increase of traders offering cat supplies so it would be worth your while to shop around. New items often appear on the shelves in the pet area of Supermarkets so the need to find what is right for your cat has been made easier for some people and difficult for others which all depends on how much you want to spoil your cat. It is worth remembering how fast a cat grows in comparison to us so look and listen to your cat’s needs before diving into the pet section of any store. Remember the vast selection that there is on offer to you. One of the most expensive items can be Scratching Posts but it can be a worthwhile investment.

In major Supermarkets the cat supplies section has grown rapidly over the last 5 to 10 years and it is now not unusual to find one side of a complete aisle dedicated to cats and the other side to dogs. Among the options beside the whole array of food you can get for your cat, there are also treats of varying choices from milk buttons to some treats containing catnip. It is advisable to check these out and purchase a ‘token sample’ to see if your cat enjoys them. Some treats on offer are particularly good for the cat’s teeth and it can be a revelation to watch your cat’s reaction when you first present them with such goodies.

As with most things these days cat supplies will forever change with ‘new’ things being introduced and ‘old’ things being taken off the shelves so you will find yourself ‘spoilt for choice’. It is important as a cat owner that you get to know this family member as they too have particular likes and dislikes. If you are ever unsure about products you see among the choices, feel free to ask especially in a Pet Store or Supermarket. People love to talk about cats and it is always worthwhile approaching other cat owners to pick up a few tips about cat supplies. There is so much in the way of information and advise out there that by taking time out to ‘research’ either on line or by word of mouth you will find yourself directed to the right sort of cat supplies to suit you and your cat’s needs.

Living in Style – Cat Condos Shopping Tips

Furniture for cats is a huge market in the US. With many of America’s eighty million cats living exclusively within the safety of the indoors, owners literally furnish them with everything they need for a great feline life.

The term “cat furniture” covers a variety of products, from plush beds to sturdy “naked” shelves attached to one’s walls. In the middle of this wide spectrum, you can find fairly large constructions, usually several stories high (well, consider that terms in relation to cat height, please). These are known by various names, including trees, gyms and towers. In a category all of its own, one can find the cat house, also known as cat condo.

These condos are usually largish furniture, often made of wood. In many instances, they are mounted at the top of kitty trees, above ground level. Basically, cat condos are semi-closed mini-spaces, where your cat can enjoy the perceived safety of a small cave.

Many cats find this arrangement extremely appealing and not because of the decor either. You see, our domestic felines retain their wild instincts which send them upwards, towards the safety of a hidden enclosure, preferably up in the tree branches, or, in the case of cat furniture, at the top level of a cat tree.

The common setup of a cat condo simply meets your cat’s need for a secret little cave, all its own, where it can feel secure and protected. A good cat condo should meet the following criteria to please most cats:

1. It should be solid and stable – One thing your cat would hate is a wobbly house. This should be a house, not a rocking chair.

2. The internal space should be large enough to allow the cat to comfortably stand inside, turn around and snooze in a variety of positions.

3. Height is a bonus – high above ground feels safer and is usually better. The exception to this rule may be with older cats and those suffering from arthritis. Depending on the cat’s condition, you may consider adding pet stairs that lead up to the condo.

4. It should be easy to access and to leave – this is particularly true in multi-cat households, where your cat may need to have clear lines of vision as well as accessible escape routes to deal with an oncoming adversary.

You may note that design and decor are not listed among the criteria for felines. They certainly may be relevant when it comes to the owners. Cat trees and cat houses are where cat furniture designers really go wild. Anything from semi-natural looking trees to medieval castles and Victorian terrace houses – any fantasy can come true, when it comes to feline housing arrangements.

If you’re not happy with existing models, why stop there? Some companies offer a unique service where you can design your own cat house from their basic building units, while other artisans will be happy to cooperate with you and work on that one-of-a-kind cat condo of your dreams.

Of course, that also means the sky is the limit in terms of pricing. Expect to pay several dozens of dollars even for the more basic mass-produced models, and hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars to the larger or more uniquely designed ones.

Cat Furniture – The Indispensable Element in a Cat Lover’s Home

Cat furniture? The very term may be puzzling for some people. Why on earth would you need a sofa, a chair or a table for your kitty?

However, among cat lovers, it has a become common enough phrase. In fact, the concept has gained in popularity, with more people shopping for a cat tree, a cat bed and even cat condos. Not to mention scratching posts, now considered a mandatory item in the cat owner’s household.

Why More Cat Furniture?

A major shift in responsible cat care has taken place over the past few decades: more cats than ever spend their entire life living indoors only. These felines never leave the comfort of their homes, unless traveling to the veterinary clinic in a secure cat carrier. And “comfort of their homes” is more than just a figure of speech in this case.

Raising cats indoors-only has brought on changes relating to cat nutrition, vet care, entertainment and more. By the same token, owners invest more than ever in various items of furniture, to create “purrfect” environments for what they consider to be their “furbabies”.

So, why cat furniture for the indoors-only cat household? Let’s review the two main advantages of cat furniture.

Adding Space

When we look at a room and try to estimate its size, we tend to look at its width and length, thus measuring its floor space.

Things look different from a feline perspective: you can actually make a room larger, if you take into account the room’s height and make good use of vertical space.

The taller units can do just that, adding more surfaces on various levels, in effect creating space where none existed before.


Living indoors is safe and comfortable. It also means a lack of the intense stimuli of outdoors life; and the absence of the intense physical activity associated with having to hunt for food.

Moreover, with owners being away from home for long hours, many kitties simply get bored. The result? Sleeping more, getting less exercise and becoming susceptible to weight gain.

This is where a sturdy, complex set of “feline gyms”, perhaps decorated with some hanging cat toys, can help. Jumping up, running across beams, climbing, or simply stretching, can all help to keep a cat more active and thus healthier.

Even More Benefits

It doesn’t end with exercise and added space. Cat furniture can help in creating a unique environment for your cat, where she may feel safer. Being out of reach of small children, or simply having a nest up on her cat tree, can all add to a cat’s sense of security.

These pieces can even be an aesthetic addition to your household. A practical and decorative statement which says loud and clear: cats are part of our family.

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