Summer Health Check For Your Cat

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At this time of year we always allocate some time to check the general health of the cats.

All of these checks can (and should) be done on a fairly regular basis, but doing a summer MOT is good way to make sure everyone gets a thorough going over at least once a year too


Eyes should be bright, alert and shiny. They should be free from gunge and should not weep, although like us just after waking they may sometimes need to have a bit of a wash to look their best.

Cats have an extra ‘inner’ eyelid too. This should not be visible when they have their eyes fully open, so if you can see it permanently get an appointment with the vet.


Ears should be clean and free of wax, bugs, dry skin etc. and there should be no smell.

Often cats with ear problems will scratch at their ears or shake their heads excessively, look for these signs and consult your vet if you’re at all concerned.


A cat’s nose should be soft, clean and generally a little moist.

If your cat seems to have a permanently dry or permanently dripping nose then this could indicate problems and further investigation should be undertaken.


Check the teeth out for excess tartar and bad breath. These symptoms can indicate and underlying illness and should be checked by a vet if found. Long term tooth decay can cause a variety of problems for cats, including kidney disease and heart problems, so their teeth should definitely be looked after properly.

You can also give their teeth a clean yourself. Most vets stock cat toothbrushes that will fit on the end of your finger, and ‘pleasant’ flavoured toothpaste – ‘pleasant’ for cats that is, probably not so good to use on our own teeth…


Your cat’s coat should naturally be smooth, soft and clean. Give him stroke and feel for knots or any other lumps and bumps, pull the fur apart and check for fleas and lice. If you spot any problems you should take him to the vet to get him checked out ASAP.

Assuming things are OK to begin with, there are a few other things you can do to groom your cat even further.

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